Researching Alternative Worlds: James Ash on (Un)shared Horizons, the Concrete and the Abstract

Bristol Society and Space

The official launch event for the Society and Space MSc blog, which also served as a celebration of the 25 years of the course’s existence, took place in Geographical Sciences on Wednesday 27th April. The panel for the event was made up of six Society and Space alumni, who spoke highly of their experience on the course, and responded to the event’s theme in the light of their current research. JD Dewsbury, a Reader based in the School and an alumnus of the course also gave a retrospective view on the course through the stages of its development, reflecting on what has been unique in the course’s culture and pedagogy. The event drew in a diverse audience including past and current students, staff from the School and other disciplines, and the general public. After the panel pieces were given, the audience joined in a discussion about the possibility for academic research to address current…

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