Making Boring Things Unboring: ASEH 2017

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Erstwhile guest contributor Kerri Clement (PhD student, CU Boulder) gives us her report on the annual meeting of the American Society for Environmental History that took place last week in Chicago.

After attending last week’s American Society for Environmental History (ASEH) conference, I struggled with how to recap my experience at the 2017 meeting. This writer’s block was due in part to the fact I don’t know how to distill the experience of what was a diverse and wide-ranging program into something that would not just be a chaotic celebration of scholarship. From topics on space junk, winds, capitalism, dogs, horses, mining, and education, to presidential roundtables on diversity and poetry slams, the list went on for pages. Looking at the program, I could not decide and was frequently torn with making the excruciating decision about which panel to attend. Over the course of the conference and…

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